The Arduino Spider Robot was first introduced by the professor Msc Alaor Junior at the Robotics Study Group. He was working on a hexapod obstacle avoiding robot and suggested that we could develop and improve it using the group resources. The design approach for this project was pretty much bottom-up, we gathered the hardware resources we had in hand and tried to put together a functional robot.

After multiple designs and implementation cycles, we figure out the locomotion algorithm and integrated Arduino, servomotors, Bluetooth, and Wii Remote systems into our first version of the robot.

We were planning to use an Arduino Nano board but our order did not arrive in time for demo day. In the final version, we had it all working in one piece but it was far from being the ideal spider robot we imagined at first.

We presented the project at the university technology week in 2011. People familiar with the Wii Remote were curious to try it out. It was a major success with visitors, students, and professors having fun controlling the robot.

This was our first project and we had a lot of fun with it. We were not able to build the robot we imagined at first, but we were able to put a lot of cool technologies together. The robot became a symbol of the hacker mindset at the Robotics Study Group and inspiration for many other projects.