The Brazilian Electoral Justice has a history of openness to technologies and innovation. In 1985, it implemented a computerized election database. In 1996, it developed the electronic voting machine used in municipal elections. In 2008, it started using voting machines containing biometrical fingerprint recognition system to enhance security and reduce frauds.

In 2011, I joined the IT team responsible for deploying and executing the biometric system for nearly 1 million voters at the Regional Electoral Court of Goiás. While working as a computer network and user support technician there, I was involved with installing computer hardware and software applications, administering multiple machines according to consistent policy and providing technical support to users. I was also responsible for maintenance of computers and peripherals, including biometric and printer hardware.

The deployment and execution of the biometric system in the municipal elections of Goiânia in 2012 was a major success. It was used as reference for the IT teams in other states and electoral districts in the following years.