This week I ran into Dilbert's creator Scott Adams's blog post about Goals vs. Systems and realized I should apply his advice here as well. I'm going to stick to a system of publishing a blog post every other week, somewhat similar to Troy Hunt's weekly update, without his prestige for sure but I think we are up to a good start.

People usually joke that in Brazil the year only starts after Carnival, which is happening this weekend, but I decided to jump start even without much content ready to go, just to force myself into the Goals vs. Systems process.


In Brazil, if you're applying for graduate programs in computer science many universities will ask for your POSCOMP score. This exam works like a computer science focused Graduate Records Exam (GRE) on steroids. I took this test in 2012 while I was still in college to "feel" the exam and 2015 again as I was planning to get master's degree in computer science there at the time.

Since the first time I took the test I wished there was an online resource for people studying for it, but nothing as such has appeared so far. I am a heavy user of online learning resources so I decided to attempt creating a portal for students facing the same issues I had. This week I bought domain and started building the foundations to get this project going.

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